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Irene J A/P Benjamin Tennyson
President / Founder
Fully committed to the management and operations of the Centre
Stand to love and empower those in need through skills, education, support, care, etc to give them a purposeful and meaningful life. Coming from a poor family, my father taught me to live with a sharing attitude despite not having much. All through my career, l am a people person and believe that there is a season of struggle and challenge that people go through and all they need is the right support. And all we need to do is engage with them to know the truth. We tend to make judgements based on what we see or what we hear from others. The best way to help someone is to hear from them directly and to build a relationship of trust and hope. Destiny! Everyone has a destiny and if each one of us took 1 step towards seeing the needs of others, we are able to make small impacts that will eventually lead to big change. Coming from a background of 32 years in the corporate, 12 years in Senior Management, pioneering multinational companies and building from nothing, all these experiences have helped me run the centre. The passion that l could do something has made me see that it is possible to change the path of someone’s future by stepping into their lives to lead and guide them daily. It takes a lot of patience, love, care, effort and it will all pay off when you wait around and see the outcomes.
Andrew Dawson A/L Francis Dawson
Vice President
Driver at Centre, HandyMan and Operations. Freelance Sales and Marketing
Losing a father at an early age does leave an impact on how hard life can be without the right support. As such, l see myself being a father to many kids and being a support to them in ways. My mother left as a widow had to look after 6 kids and she had to do things on her own without any support from anyone else. I watched her struggle and work so hard despite all kinds of challenges. I took so much being the youngest in the family. Yet, all this has taught me to give in any way l can to help others. Even in driving the kids daily to and fro from school, it has built a strong relationship with the kids and their parents. Somehow, the love for these children has grown as watching them grow from nothing so becoming so pleasant in ways that cannot be measured. Helping out in any way l can has given my life a lot of meaning towards these kids who have nothing much on their end. When they run to me and call my Uncle, it makes my day so beautiful. I have seen these kids coming in crying as leaving their mothers was the hardest step to take. And yet, within a week, l only see smiles and their desire to come to school as the school provides them so much space to study, play, have fun and do things which they cannot do in their small rooms. Life is worth living when you wake up and see the day as an opportunity to share this life by giving to someone else in need. Driving, cutting the grass, or just cleaning up around the centre, bring such peace and fulfillment in ways beyond words.
Shawn Aaron Eric
I lost my father when l was just 10 years old and being the 2nd among 5 children was not easy. It was a tragedy as our father was the sole provider and suddenly my mother had to step in and start earning. We were all so young and we always had to follow her to work in many places as she went around cleaning houses. We then started to help her out whenever we accompanied her to work. She was so hard working all because she knew she must find a way to feed all of us and provide education for our future. Today, l see how this has impacted my own life to give to others back in the community. Everyone has a story and just like me, l don’t want to see them alone. I want them to know that as a centre, we are here for them. That they can call on us for help. They can reach out and find a way to ask for help without any fear or shame. That it is alright that they need support and we will never turn them down for any reasons. Today my family is better as all of us have grown into a responsible adult and have found our destiny and purpose in life. With that in mind, l want to be able to also do the same for the children and their parents. Wanting to find ways to give them support. Maybe those days, if my mother had more support from others, our lives would have been even much more different that it is today. Bearing that in mind, our focus should always be to find ways to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether in small or big ways, there must be a start to step up and do something.
Nishalini A/P Ambalavanan
Vice Secretary
Call Centre Supervisor
My mother is a polio patient and still had 2 of us after her marriage. My father chose to give my mother life despite her condition. My mother has always been on a wheelchair and yet this has never been her handicap. She has brought me and my younger sister up so well. She taught us many things about life itself. My mother taught kids tuition immediately after her studies. She never stopped even after getting married. Until today, my mother still teaches tuition. My father was the sole breadwinner and his health deteriorated due to a lot of hard work, long hours and stress. He started having heart problems at a very early age. Yet, my parents never stopped working. They would find ways to work and keep us going. That made me realize that their strength was not in their health but in us, their children. Today, l believe that l can be an encouragement and also an inspiration to the less fortunate parents that their world can change if they put their focus and priority right. I want to be able to help them see things differently. More than that, l want to play a role in the lives of the children. I want to tell them my story and push them forward that no matter what happens around them, they can choose their path well. That their decisions will make a difference and there are good consequences if they will take the bold step to take education as important. I want to be a part of their lives and give them care, love, support and anything else l can do to get them into their destiny with greatness ahead. I believe in them!
Anna Grace A/P Draviasingam Kailasam
Accounts Manager. Risk Management at MPI Generali Insurans Berhad
I believe in education and have a passion to teach the poor kids who are struggling in studies. Being good in Maths and English, l also know that every kid can study if given the right skills/methods. I will also be focusing on the adults and teaching them a lifestyle of budget living. Dedicated to serve among the poor. My passion comes from my grandfather who was a dedicated man to helping and serving the poor. And then l grew up watching all my cousins being taken care by our grandparents. They never said no and they always felt it was their kindness to give to us. After raising 3 children of their own, now they are dedicating to look after grandchildren. It was a mystery for me. Why? Then l only saw love in everything they did. To me that was enough to get me on my path to show love to others in need. How could l do something for them without any prejudice or demands in this busyness of my own life. This is my skill and this is what l can give back to the society and it makes a lot more sense to give something l am good at in the corporate. Life brings meaning when l can do the little things of giving back. My work takes my time and yet l choose to give my time back. It is the little that l can do and l know l should as this is all about love. To love and be loved is the most beautiful thing in the world. Love can be me teaching them the simple things that can benefit them in finances and this is long term. And l can keep doing it again and again with new people as there are so many people out there who are ignorant and lack knowledge of these things. This is an opportunity to serve and love. Just like my grandparents did for me.
Koo Chee Wai
Operations Executive at Plusquay Logistics
I come from a broken family and lived in a Boarding School. I have now been faithfully serving the poor in many ways. I have also been visiting Thailand to empower a Kids Home there for the past 15 years. I love children and believe every child should be given the best in their growing years in health, food and character building. My love and passion never stop from doing more and more. And the reason has been because l saw my parents struggle in different areas of their lives. And being in the middle of it all, l struggled and looking back at things, l am still so surprised that l pulled through in life without them at my side. Yet l know how it feels. With that in mind, l want to be someone who is always available for other kids. I want to make it a point to give back to the society as then there was not a society that came to help me. Today l want the kids to know they have people looking over them and they are not alone.
Monice De Souz
A widow over the past 15 years. Only l know how difficult it is when you have to fend for 5 kids between the age of 4 to 12 years. I struggled and now see that my fruit of hard labor was not in vain. My children are brought up with strong values and so l believe that every single mother can make a difference. My passion is among kids and also the women. I love people and especially have a heart to serve them by showing them the ways to handle challenges with hope. I believe in cleanliness and hygiene and I want to teach the kids and their parents them how to maintain that lifestyle. I became a widow and all l did was house, office, church cleaning and any where else that needed cleaning. I truly became a pro in this area and l learned so much about ways to keep clean. Today, when l see the foreigners in our land, l know they need some help and support. Not to clean their homes but to teach them the ways to do it and the reasons why they need to keep their homes clean. Not only their homes, but also themselves and their kids.
Hannah Francisca A/P Andrew Dawson
Administrator at Eduwis, HQ
I am so privileged to give back to the community. Studying ECE (Early Childhood Education) was my decision. I love children and somehow l know kids deserve more. I was an only child until l was 12 years old. I always wanted a sibling and somehow my prayers were not answered until l found out that my parents were going to adopt a child. I was so excited and yet a little confused how that would affect me. Yet, l remember my first meeting with my brother in the Child room as he was under observation in a crib at the hospital. As the nurse allowed me to enter and meet him, l noticed that he turned and looked directly into my eyes. Our eyes met and l came out crying and hugged my mother saying how he knew that l was there. It left an impression that kids are very special. They sense and long for affection and attention. I was like a 2nd mother to my brother. I fed him, watched him and even cleaned up after him. It was such love for someone who was not even from my own parents. My parents too love him so much and l could see that growing up that it does not matter whose child it is as love is for everyone. Today, l have learned to love and it is an honor to love the children who have no where else to go except this Centre. If the Centre does not provide them education, their future is gone. Today my education does give more purpose. It is not just the money for myself as l am able to give back to the community my skills and my knowledge. I know soon l will open my own Business and it will be all about kids. And yet, l want to continue giving back to these kids who are less fortunate and they too deserve the best!

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