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School Sponsorship for a child: RM 250 per month

Give the precious gift of education by supporting a child in school, including daily nutritious meals, uniforms, learning materials, health and hygiene support and character development.  Our goal is to empower our students to develop their skills and abilities so they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty.   We provide sponsors with regular progress reports and the opportunity to meet your sponsor child. Your kindness will help us meet the rapidly-growing demand to educate more children.

Adult Education: RM 100 per month

Many displaced, illiterate and/or non-English speaking adults are unable to work or earn an income.  The provision of English lessons and opportunities to develop new skills increases their confidence and empowers families to become more self-sufficient.

Feed a Family: RM150 per month

Unfortunately unemployment in the refugee community is on the rise. This means that the minimum level of nutrition for good health is unaffordable for many of the families.  Your donation will help us to feed an entire family, ensuring that they have adequate nutrition to sustain their health and well-being.

What we need to run day to day operations



Our monthly cost per month is RM 25,000. The average cost per child is RM 250 per month based on 100 kids.


We need an 18-seater van to transport the children. Presently, we are using our own vehicles and had to make multiple trips.


Cabin & space

With 70 kids, it is very congested and hard to run classes. Additional cabins or extend the place would be good for the children.



Food is a daily need. In the centre and back in their houses. This is a need that will never be enough. All kinds of food sponsors are welcome.


Books & stationery

The kids need books and stationery. Every term and every year, this is a need that must be met.


Water pump & water tank

Without the water pump and tank, the kids have to wait for water to fill up before they can bath. With the pump & tank, it will help them save more time.​


Purchase of property

We want to acquire the building so that we can continue improving the place for the betterment of the children, single mothers and widows.



We need a consistent number of volunteers as we are unable to hire many staff to preserve the funds for the children, single mothers and widows.


Fund raising

We want to organize a fundraising event to raise the necessary funds for the year.

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